Oddly Unique: Check Out This Cool 1964 Buick Riviera

Their own totally unique body.

Yup, outside of the Corvette, there was usually some degree of platform sharing between the branches of the GM family tree. But not with the first-gen Rivi—it was its own thing, baby.

And that’s exactly what Greg Poe likes about them.

We caught up with Poe at this year’s goodguys Summit Racing Nationals and asked what drew him to Rivieras.

With a smile, Poe simply responds, “the oddity.”

He continues by describing how he and his wife go to car shows all over Southern Ohio and Kentucky, and his is often the only Riviera at those events.

But after owning the Rivi for close to two decades, Poe also explains that driving such a unique car has its drawbacks—like when he recently needed to source an original power steering pump. “Took me four or five months to find one,” Poe jokes. “Junkyard in Arizona.”

Poe’s Riviera also carries the upgraded 425 Nailhead engine, the biggest Nailhead Buick ever offered, which disappeared from the options sheet soon thereafter. “They only made them for two more years,” Poe explains, before Buick’s more modern V8s took over.

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